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A Quick Overview about Your Favorit Destination - Finland!

Finland is known as one of Europe’s most modern, most innovative countries, and its educational system is world-renowned!

So, if you’re interested in receiving a world-class education while immersing yourself in the fascinating Nordic lifestyle in the happiest country on earth, join the 20,000+ students studying abroad in Finland!


Finland is known for its harsh winters and short summers. Thanks to its proximity to the polar circle, it never really gets dark in the summertime – while the sky does not really light up during winter, on the other hand. As other Nordic nations, Finland typically celebrates the summer solstice, when the sun hours reach their annual maximum in mid-June.

Working during your studies in Finland!

Student jobs are a valuable part and experience of a student’s life before entering the labor market. Similarly, most universities allow students to work part-time either in the evenings or during weekends. Moreover, most students try to find work during the summer, from June to late August. Students who are citizens of Nordic or EEA countries need no special permits for work in Finland. Other international students can work within certain limits on a residence permit granted for studying if the work is practical training included in the degree or if the amount of part-time work does not exceed 25 hours a week.

In order to find the best jobs in the city you will live in, the best advice is to show initiative and network. Moreover, Finland may have different customs to finding a job and it is best advised to get acquainted to it in order to have a better chance to securing a job.

Studying in Finland: Visa Requirements

Once you receive your acceptance letter then you can apply for a student visa. In this case, you actually need a residence permit on the basis of studying. The application process for the permit starts by creating a user account here. Once you create an account select the application form for a ‘residence permit on the grounds of a study program’ in the e-service.

Fill in the online application with the correct information and submit your application. You must attach scanned copies of the required documents (see above) to your application.

If by any chance you can’t fill in an online application then you can visit a local embassy or consulate and fill in a paper application in person.

Studying in Finland: Visa Requirements

Student Visa in Finland:

You’ll need to show originals or copies of documents when applying for your residence permit. These can include below:

  • Valid passport
  • Color passport photo
  • Color copies of the passport’s personal data page and any passport pages that contain notes
  • A certificate of acceptance from a Finnish educational institution
  • Details of tuition fee payments or any scholarships
  • Proof of funds to support yourself
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Previous qualifications

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