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Skill Migration

The GSM, General Skilled Migration Program is the only method for skilled workers to migrate Abroad. Eligible candidates are expected to meet the Basic Requirements for GSM and pass the immigration Points Test so as to qualify for a visa to move to Abroad.

The following are the requirements for a Skilled Visa:

  1. Age:  You should be below 45 when you apply;
  2. English Language: you must have a strong ability in the English language to work in Abroad (at least at a competent level);
  3. Nominated Occupation: When you apply you select a skilled occupation that fits your skills and qualifications. This occupation should be recognized on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List;
  4. Skills Assessment: Before you apply, your skills must have to be assessed by the Ex. Australian assessing authority authorized to assess your selected occupation, which usually has certain qualifications requirements.
  5. Health Assessment: You must be of considerably good health, and all applicants must have their health confirmed by a panel doctor and undergo a medical examination; and
  6. Character Assessment: You must be of an acceptable character and this too will be confirmed.

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    What is the process for applying for a student visa?

    The process for applying for a student visa begins with your university offering you a letter of acceptance. Students who have received their letter of acceptance are required to go ahead and begin their Visa Application Process. Candidates can apply for their visa via two methods:

    • Online Visa Application Process: the more convenient of the two, candidates can apply for their student visa through the online method by simply creating a student profile. The forms are all online and would have to be correctly filled by the student.
    • Offline Visa Application Process: the offline visa process would require candidates to download the application form, fill in the details and submit it to the required authorities.

    The next step includes paying a Visa Application Fee. Every candidate would be required to pay a student visa fee for his application process. The final process would include the student submitting his application process along with their supporting documents

    When should I apply for a Student Visa?

    Studying abroad requires meticulous planning to say the least. Students are always advised to plan their admission/ application process keeping in mind university deadlines and working backwards. Students are required to appear for English eligibility tests as per the university policy and also have required documents in place for the smooth processing of their application. Hence, students are always advised to apply 3-4 months in advance to avoid any last-minute rush. Candidates seeking financial aid, scholarships and education loans should add another couple of extra months to the process as these applications take more time.

    What types of visa do I need?

    Student Visas are often classified on the basis of two broad distinction points

    Student Visa Classification Based on Program’s Duration

    Depending on the length of tenure of the program the applicant is planning to undertake, the countries often divide the student visa into Short Term Student Visas or Long-term Student Visas. Often, the short-term visas are given to students who plan to take a short course of a language or a diploma certificate course and the entire duration is often limited to 90 days (3 months). Long term visas, on the other hand, are given to students who are planning to take up degree courses extending beyond the 3 month period. These could include the internships and small certificate programs of 6 months and so on. European Union Countries often have this broad classification.

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