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You will get full assistance from us in completing / submitting application for admission. We will provide you list of necessary supporting documents.

We will correspondence with the university/college regarding your application and collect your Offer Letter once your application is accepted.

In order to enter the country on a student visa, it must be requested first by government entities. We can offer this service. We have experience in the processing of this type of visa, which will make the process much more expeditial and positive. We can offer the necessary advice to be informed about the possible institutions and their requirements. In addition, there are different kinds of student visas, regarding this we will inform you so that there is no doubt or there are any errors. Valid study periods according to the types of visa offered range from 3 months to 18 months – extendable to 4 years. In all, certain conditions apply.

There are several requirements that you must fully meet in order to receive admission as a student legally. Such as, language skills; academic skills that also change a little by institutions; certificate of having completed high school in Australia or its 12-year equivalence.

We can serve as a liaison with the institutions as well as with the relevant government offices.




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