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Educational Counseling

Choosing a career pathway that will lead to PR (in the near future) as well as satisfy you can definitely prove to be a very intimidating task. At Pionia Global, we aim to make your lives just a little bit easier. Having helped 10000+ international students reach their study abroad and career goals, we have all the expertise that you might need.

Whether you want to start a new course, switch courses, change your stream of study or even transfer institutions—we have the most experienced, expert professionals in the arena of education consultancy. Through every step of the way, our team will ensure you have an unforgettable experience in making an informed decision which could play a crucial role in your career. Here is a simplified list of steps to show you how Educational Counselling at Pionia Global works:

     1.One-on-One Interactive Counselling Session

     2. Tackle Any Issues Related to Migration/ Visas

      3. Leave the Application Process to Us

Pionia Global provide Abroad Education Consultancy Services

In our country, it is possible to divide the persons and institutions providing education counseling services into three basic groups:

  •         Only those who take money from the school and do not take
  •         Those who receive money from both students and school and
  •        Those who don’t just take money from the student and take it from school.

By the way, let me tell you immediately that none of these are better or more favorable than the other; none of them is wrong or unethical. These are only business models chosen by consultants.

 Each consultant is free to choose the business model that suits his / her needs and needs. Here you have to choose which one is more suitable for you. You are also free to choose your own consultant to suit your own needs, your own needs, and your own goals.

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