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Applying for a visa can be intimidating. With an endless list of rules to follow and documentation, it can become overwhelming. Pionia Global has the knowledge, experience and robust processes to help you navigate complex visa procedures and file your visa application with greater confidence. We have a high success rate and best-in-class service.

Tourist visas are issued to tourists who want to visit a country for a vacation or for sightseeing. These visas have a limited validity period and do not allow the foreign visitor to conduct any business while in the country. However, the application procedure, eligibility requirements and the required documents can vary from country to country.

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    How long does it take to get a Tourist Visa?

    The processing times for a Tourist Visa is diverse based on the nation that is offering it. It also depends on the nationality of the applicant. For example, it takes around 3 to 5 days to 1 to 2 weeks or longer for processing the US Tourist Visa.

    How do you get a Tourist Visa?

    The process to obtain a Tourist Visa is as follows:

    • Fill the Electronic Tourist Visa Application form
    • Make a payment of the fee for Visa application
    • Schedule appointment for the Visa interview at the Embassy
    • Attend the Visa interview at the Embassy on the scheduled time and date

    How much does a Visitor Visa cost?

    The cost of a Tourist Visa is diverse based on the nation that is offering it. For example, the US Tourist Visa application costs 160 USD.

    What are the requirements for a Tourist Visa?

    The requirements of a Tourist Visa are as follows:

    • Completely filled Visa application form
    • Uploading photographs digitally as per the specification
    • A passport that has a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of intended departure to India
    • Photocopy of the bio page of the Passport
    • Copy of the two-way tickets that must be submitted at the time of application
    • Evidence of monetary resources – latest bank statement
    • Invitation letter from sponsor/friend/ family in overseas
    • Financial statement of the sponsor/friend/ family in overseas
    • Copy of passport of the sponsor
    • Marriage certificate if married to the overseas national
    • Birth certificate and marriage certificate of parents in case if minors

    What are the differences between a Tourist visa and a Business visa?

    A tourist visa is issued for the purpose of visiting a country for leisure or sightseeing activities. They allow the visa holder to stay in the country for a limited period.

    Business visas on the other hand are issued to help travelers engage in business related activities. They too have a limited validity. Each country has specific definition of what activities are allowed under a business visa.

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